waste structure series; inside spaces for outside; prototype

Project for BCA:BRI

The Utopia 5 was designed as a prototype of a mobile shelter. While no explicit use was intened, it has the option to be developed into anything from a homeless shelter, an urban chill-out space, or camp-site. As part of design testing process, the Utopia 5 was walked from my studio to the gallery for real world experience. Ultimately, I would like to expand this design to a community of shelters with shared utilities, greenhouses, etc.

The Utopia 5 Project

This project is an extension of the Waste Structures Series began at Smith College. Using primarily found waste materials, the goal has been to design build and use structures with open end use, such as shelters, play structures etc. Utopia is a premise that can never be attained, only approached. Drawing from the works of contemporary sustainable designers and artists, as well as, Twentieth Century utopian theorists and writers, I am attempting to continue their legacy of pursuing an alternative positive solution. However much that has been initiated towards a better society or situation has failed due to real-world conflicts between theory and practice. Much can be learned and drawn from these Distopian results. To paraphrase Paul Virillio, we are no longer waiting for the revolution but waiting for the accident, in whatever form it comes.