In 2010, I began the HOLD ME CLOSE, TINY DUMPSTER project at the McColl Art Center in Charlotte, NC. I have long been interested in the dumpster, as an object of our modern era, a massive transitionional space for our collective waste and a site of vandalism, ruin, and rust, scavenging and survivalism. The dumpster is also fascinating as a modernist object, sculpturally, combining the regularity of an industrial fabricated product and a variety of styles or models constrained by standards of the waste removal industry. As an experiment, I began by building scale, non-functional models out of mostly recycled materials and then began placing them in desolate urban areas. I am intrigued by the process of entropy acted out on the objects as well as the 'social' dissonance by placing an incorrect (wrong size, no function) version of a familiar object in public space