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'Untitled (lighting John Buck's UTOPIA)'

by Nicole Raufeisen and Ryan Witt

NIcole+Ryan's statement:

     untitled (lighting John Buck’s UTOPIA)
nicole + ryan
4 garden lights, PVC piping, timer

Produced as part of a series of installations made in and around the Bemis Center for the Contemporary Arts while in residence. We were interested in working with John Buck's (a previous Bemis resident) rather permanent looking residence protoype by providing accent lighting in the way that cities might highlight some of their finest architectural examples. It was around this time the city of Omaha (Omaha by Design) had proposed the regulation and careful designation of lighting in the urban area. Several of our early projects at the Bemis attempted to confuse the distinction between artistic and institutional production. The garden lights were set on a timer and came on at dusk and shut off by 3am for 2 months.