Construction and Launch of W.T.L.F.P.C.A.P.T.O.T.L.

The Facilities (the most asked question.)

The Big Day.

Launch at High-tide (4:40pm) Sept. 5, 2004

Putting the raft together

Putting it in the water

Raising the colors and the christening (The nickname for the vessel is "The Blah, Blah, Blah")

All that for a photo-op

We would both like to thank everyone who attended the launching ceremony, especially those who went beyond and above in helping us get the thing together and into the water. Special thanks to Jeanne Alberts whose dedication speech set us on our way and Abe Tahgdis for documentation. All of you who have lent your tools, time and support, both physically and emotionally, we owe a debt of gratitude.

More images and video will be added through-out our project.

Location Log

Barking Crab Dock


For the past three nights we have docked at the abandoned pier of the Boston Tea Party exhibit. The views at night are great, and the construction workers are curious and friendly, come over and ask what we're up to or just wave hi. Rowed this morning over past Gillette freaking the postal workers.

New Northern St. Bridge

Thursday morning fog

red sky?


Small craft advisory and severe weather shut down the studios. Winds 25 mph and reminants of Frances cause us to batten down the hatches and consider abandonning ship, at least til the winds go down. Oh well, you can't be in the studio all the time.

Weekend Update

Finally some time to do things besides repairs. A few days of floating, rowing, and making stuff. The weather was perfect, with on and off winds. Spent alot of time at the abandoned docks near the Summer St. Bridge.

The friendly people at the Post Office

Daily log

Finally dry enough to paint the letters

Territorializing by planting flags

Claimed in the name of the WTLFPCAPTOTL

Remedial Crafts: making stuff from bones and shells


The nights are getting a little chilly and damp. When the winds pick up, we have to head inside. We are trying bottom mooring, but are more exposed to the elements

Closed up for the night

Sleepy after a day of rowing

A quick breakfast before heading to work

Hot Coffee at the gates of dawn












This morning we were hunkered under the Congress St. bridge, avoiding the rain. It was rather fun rowing in the rain, but expect a few days of constant dampness. For the past few days, we've been around the old Tea Party dock and the Barking Crab, who generously donated berth space, which helped in a few small repairs that were expected. We plan to explore around the Summer St. Bridge and Gillette area for the next few days.