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Transtation, 2003

This project was executed during my residency at the Berwick Research Institute in the summer of 2003. The project began with three main topics of influence; the beehive as a system of information, pirate radio as architecture, and the use gap in transitional states of construction sites and urban planning. My project proposal explains in more detail the topics and their interaction.

The project resulted in three themes that explored the concepts of coding and decoding of relevant information, design and use of systems, and the transition and maintenance of space, sometimes in unexpected manners.

WRFR, the pirate radio aspect, was the development and maintence of a low wattage radio station where the general community was invited to provide their own programming.

The Beespace project, while intially intending to establish a bee colony on the roof of the BRI, was an attempt to remap the general area of Dudley Square in terms of subversive work areas and potential pollen harvest locations for urban beekeeping.

The documention of the closure and rebirth of the Berwick was an attempt to draw paralells with the ethics of a bee colony and the witnessing of the transformation of an art community within an urban enviroment. The project resulted in a research report published in the Institute's annual report. To see more on each project, click on the links on the right of the screen.

read Sady Sullivan's writing:

"'Transtation' and Re-Humanization."

Pirate Radio


Rebirth of the Berwick