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Temporal Projects


Temporal Orientation Project: Half Right Temporal Deliniation Project: Golden Hours
Temporal Expansion Project: Temporal Conservation Temporal Orientaion Project: Spatial Alignment by Magnets
Temporal Orientation Project: One World Temporal Deliniation Project: Recording the Visual Passage of Time
Temporal Orientation Project: Time Share Temporal Expansion Project: Spatial Reframing of the "Now"
Temporal Deliniation Project: My Time With You Temporal Orientation Project: All the Time in the World
Through a series of instructions, This project attempts to explore our relationship with linear time, how it positions us in relation to the world, and how the space defined on the clock-face frames our perception of both time and space. The projects are seperated into three different sub-headings defining the intent of the project; Temporal Orientation, Temporal Deliniation, and Temporal Expansion. Anyone can attempt any of the projects themselves, details are found on the links below. We will post a photo of your project or suggestions for a new project if you send us one through our contact page.