Temporal Orientation Project

                    spatial alignment by magnets/two variations


Four of the same, reasonably generic wall-clock type clocks are placed on the floor in an area that allows access from any angle. The clocks should be arranged into a square or diamond formation, equidistant from eachother and allowing no more than twenty-four inches of separation. The clocks then should be oriented towards an imaginary center. In variation one, the “top” of each clock, i.e. the numeral twelve on the clock face, is pointed towards this center. In variation two, the “bottom” of each clock, i.e. the numeral six, is closest to the center. These arrangements describe a cross formation read left/right and top/bottom as 6-12-12-6(var. one) and 12-6-6-12(var. two). Using a compass, these cross formations should be oriented to the cardinal points. The clocks 6-12-12-6/12-6-6-12 alignments should be set to north/south and east/west coordinates accordingly. All clocks should be set to the current “present” of the regional time zone in which the clocks occupy. This “present” is determined by consensus, reference, or approximation. This temporal orientation is to be maintained by replacing the batteries when needed. Maintenance also includes resetting the clocks to the daylight savings system if applicable, and realignment to shifts in magnetic north. Anyone may assume responsibility for this project by following these instructions.