Temporal Orientation Project

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Two new, reasonably generic wall-clock type clocks are hung on a wall. Placed side by side, the clocks should not exceed nine inches in separation and should be hung at a height that is adjusted to the average sight-line of the occupants in the place they are displayed. . The clocks packaging is essentially to remain in the condition it was purchased in except for a small opening in the back to insert batteries and set. The clock on the left is to be set to the current “present” of the regional time zone in which it occupies. This “present” is determined by consensus, reference, or approximation. The clock on the right is to be set in relation to the other clock according to day daylight savings systems, i.e. one hour ahead or behind the clock on the left. At the occurrence of day light savings or re-establishment of standard time the clocks are not to be reset, establishing a transfer of accuracy from one clock to the other. This is a temporal orientation project, not so much on the global , but a cosmological positing of the Earth in its orbit around the sun.This temporal orientation is to be maintained by replacing the batteries when needed. Anyone may assume responsibility for this project by following these instructions.