John Osorio-Buck

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Collapse. 2 billboards, Boston and Cambridge, Ma, 2002

The two locations, the vacant lot in Boston and the street corner in Cambridge were selected in part because they bookended my daily commute from home, near the lot, and work at MIT, near that corner. Digital Print billboards are placed on the opposite locations, effectively collapsing the space between them as well as time for me in my daily routine. Besides my personal connection, the images also reflect aspects of urban planning and development. The vacant lot, which resembles an idyll park, was slated for construction, and the derelict structure in Cambridge was slated for demolition and development into a community park. The texts ‘Rebuilding a Better Future Past’ (or) ‘Past Future’ highlight the potential futures for each location.

Self-referential, 2002

This billboard and the next document two interventions into a vacant lot in Boston, and in the second billboard, the same lot and one in Cambridge, Ma. In Self-Referential I had taken a photo of a graffiti-tagged ‘For Sale’ sign on the lot. That sign was subsequently stolen. I decided to place a large-scale digital photo of the sign and lot in its place, in hopes that, in turn, it would be tagged, re-photographed and eventually stolen and replaced again, perpetuating a cyclical dialogue with the urban environment. Unfortunately the sign was just stolen, so I moved onto Collapse.