Matthew Ward / John Osorio-Buck

Artist initiated project in collaboration with home-owners, K. Johnson and Tony V.

Charlestown, Ma.

This children’s structure has its roots in several previous projects and ideas that, with the generous cooperation of Kristin and Tony, was realized in the two-month period of June and July of 2005. Although not considered an aspect of the Waste Structures Series, the BuckWard House re-uses materials from several previous projects. The white PVC that comprises the rear wall of the lower cube began as the flotation device, used in the raft project with Matthew Ward. The tubes and corrugated materials were then re-used in the Waste Structure; Social Space at the Fuller Museum.

Our goal was to design and build a children’s structure that would have its own distinct style but would incorporate itself naturally in the Charlestown neighborhood, as well a provide a personalized flexible programmatic space for the extended family. Charlestown boasts a variety of classical American architecture, ranging from Colonial, Federal, Second Empire, etc. Matthew and I opted for Modern, thinking it could create an interesting juxtaposition, but also saw a parallel in the multistoried porches and roof decks that were added on contemporaneously. Like Charlestown, the garden where we built the structure has very little square footage available, so we too had to rely on vertical space. The Modern, with all its inherent anxieties, seemed an odd choice for a play structure. However, considering the large extended family, we drew from the Japanese teahouse, a potential place for solace and peaceful isolation, when not being used jointly as a theatre or restaurant. (A few of the options the kids wanted to develop at the unveiling.)





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