JOB Home

The last week in the van has been jumbled experience, as the photos can attest. I had found a place and would move stuff in the mornings, so I was tossed in with a loaded van. I also broke one of my rules and paid the consequence. I parked one night in a semi-residential area and was awoken by an officer of the law in the middle of the night. Apparently, I had aroused the suspicion of neighbors, being a suspicious looking van with out of state plates. I knew it would be an eventuality, funny it was in the last week. Sleepy as I was, I had all my papers in order and in an easy to reach area. He checked me out, but all he could do was to tell me to move along. Shaken, I found some place else to park.


I have become commuter. Not as bad as they say, really. A little spendy, but fortunately work subsidizes my pass. Also, it's guaranteed reading (or nap) time on a daily basis. Cheaper and more relaxing than driving for sure. And at least I do have the option of driving. Prehaps, a future in Commuter Rail Art Project.


So, I found a new place out of the city. I'm now in beautiful Lawrence, Ma. Sure, it's not as cute as Lowell or wealthy as Andover or as '?' Methuen, but it has a start-up artist community. Also space is cheap and plentiful. Lawrence is probably most well known as a textile mill town and for the Bread and Roses Riots in the stuggle for unions. More encouraging than the death throes of fort point. I overlook the city and a canal. The Merrimack river is right there, and close to commuter rail. The drive isn't bad, about 20 min. to Boston, as long as it isn't rush hour. My space is about 1000 sq. ft. in a textile mill. It's a little raw, but with a little work, it can really be something.

episode 4: A New Hope