Deinstallation of the Utopia 6 Project

A (temporary) landmark comes down

As part of my agreement with the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, the main structure, the Nebraska variation, would remain onsite for one year after the completion of the Utopia 6; the Western Lands Project. These images document the return to Omaha and the deinstallation of the structure and redistribution of materials.

The total deinstall took a little less than a week to accomplish. Since I was against the materials ending up in a landfill, I posted online the availability of free materials for sculptors, farmers, etc. I utimately got in contact with a fascinating woman in Iowa who runs a large animal shelter single-handedly and took almost everything; alfalfa for refugee horses from hurricane katrina, lumber and steel to repair barns, pigpens, and coops.... I'll include her contact at the bottom of the page if anyone who would like to help her out, she runs the place on a shoestring and helps a large number of animals, both wild and domesticated survive. Finally I'd like to thank everyone at the Bemis and those in Omaha who helped facilitate this project and making it a brief utopia.

UACCINC/ Final Prayer Shelter

POBox 1752

Council Bluffs, Ia.


what a haybale house looks like deconstructed




To help the large animal shelter mentioned above please send donations to: