Drop and Deploy

U7H21; Drop and Deploy

This project is part of the Utopia 7; Systems of Survival series. The design intent was to develop a collapsible shelter and its incorporating systems to be dropped from a cargo airplane. The primary shelter folds down onto palettes which then become the foundation. The structure was intended to be assembled by a single user, and possibly converted to other uses, such as a greenhouse. The structure can be arranged to be shelter with a sleeping area and storage, or a greenhouse with hydroponics. It contains a variety of systems including lights, power, and communications, run off a sloar panel on an exterior tower, which also sports a flashing blue beacon. I am drawing a great deal of inspiration from structures of necessity, such as in Antarctica, attempts by NASA, to inhabit inhospitable environments; and dystopian science-fiction cinema, such as Silent Running.

U7H21 was realized as part of the Bivouac Exhibition 2007-2008 at Art Omi International, curated by Max Goldfarb.


funded in part by the LEF foundation





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