Gryllus was a project executed at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum as part of John C. Gonzalez entry to the 2013 Biennial. In Co-operation with Home Depot, Gonzalez created the HDH, or Home Depot House as an Artist in Residency. For the run of the exhibition, Gonzalez invited different artists to pursue projects for one month each. This was my contribution.


I had long been curious about cricket cuisine, and this residency gave me the literal space to try it out without the normal distractions of my studio. I started three week old crickets to acclimate myself to the idea of eating bugs and worked my way up to larger mature hoppers.

The crickets were fed zucchini and cat food, lived in habitats with egg crates for them to hide and keep the males from fighting each other.  When it came time to harvest them, the crickets were left out in the snow to die from exposure. Then they would either be dry roasted or deep-fried and added to different recipes. The dry roasted crickets could either be crushed into a protien powder or added whole.

Some of the recipes found online seem to be standards, such as chocolate covered crickets, Oaxacan spicy crickets or chocolate “chirp” cookies. I tried these and invented some of my own, such as Old Fashioned Cricket Brittle, Cricket Falafel, and a variety of cricket candy combos. These recipes were compiled in to a DIY cookbook and activity book.


Chocolate "chirp" cookies in the oven.

Cricket Fritatta

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