installation of the structure in the inner courtyard
This project was a commission by the Fuller Craft Museum to create a new work for their 'Trashformations' exhibition. The space is primarily constructed from pvc pipe recycled from the raft project, as well as other odds and end pieces I recovered from my daily life. Orginally, the work was meant to function as a social space, where museum visitors could enter relax discuss or at least partially remove themselves from the formal public space of the museum. However, museum policy did not permit interaction of the art with the public, regardless of my unconcern for the object. It was offered to be placed on a small pedistal in the gallery or to be cordoned of by stancions, both which seemed ridiculous to me. We decided to place the work in the inner courtyard of the museum, in my mind, the outside real world acting as the vitrine for the art, cut off from the art-veiwing public within the museum. In the end, I was disappointed with the museum experience, feeling that the institutions rigid policies ultimately chocked the life out of my concept.

the structure in the studio





"Trashformations East"

Fuller Craft Museum, 2005



















































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